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Teco 3.5kW Reverse Cycle Portable Air Conditioner 2021/22

by Teco
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Working well in all seasons and weathers, Teco TPO35HFWDT portable air conditioner is a very efficient device ideally made for both domestic and professional use. This Teco air conditioner features a reverse cycle function which turns it into a heater when the winter season comes. It has a cooling capacity of 3.5 kW which is perfect to cool down a vicinity measuring 25m2. It has a heating capacity of 3.0 kW which works wonders in heating up the same sized rooms.

The castors installed on the bottom of this reverse cycle air conditioner aids in the mobility of the device. The air conditioner features wireless connectivity and comes with an LED lit remote control for ease of distant operation. The dual mount air conditioner comes with a window installation kit that opens options for mounting. The easy to wash filters makes the maintenance of the unit convenient and doable.

Refrigerant Type: R290

Product features:
• Mobile Appliance: This user-friendly AC is very easy to port while relocating or redecorating. The castors installed on the bottom of the unit moves the unit around just by a simple push from the back.
• Convenient Operation: The TPO35HFWDT air conditioner is very easy to operate. The device features wireless Wi-Fi connectivity along with an LED lit remote control which makes controlling the unit from a great distance.
• Easy Cleaning: It is very convenient to maintain this Teco air conditioner. It is equipped with easily washable filters and a plain, sleek outer body which can be cleaned by just a simple wipe.
• Versatile Mounting: While the portable air conditioner can be simply put on the floor of the vicinity it is being used in, it is also open to the option of the window mounting. A window mounting kit is provided in the set to aid the task.
• Reverse Cycle: Capable of both cooling and heating, the window mount AC can be used in both summers and winters by simply reversing the cycle. The heating unit of the appliance is perfect to be used for rooms measuring up to 25m2.
• Silver Ion Filter: Features an advanced filter that is highly effective for reducing harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, and common allergens from the air circulating throughout the room, effectively preventing reproduction and growth.

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