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Commercial 50W 5000K LED Sensor Flood Light

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The LFL-C2 Series combines efficient LED flood lighting with customisable motion-sensing technology to compound your energy savings. Available in 50W with adjustable ambient light sensitivity, on-time delay and passive infrared (PIR) motion detection to deliver energy efficient lighting and ideal for security and general purpose lighting.

The LFL-C2 Series is built with a metal, IP65 rated weather resistant chassis, making them suitable for outdoor lighting in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

• Available in 5000K cool white with 120lm/W light output
• Effective light distribution with 120° beam angle
• Adjustable PIR detection up to 12m with a 140° arc.
• Adjustable on-time delay (5s ~ 5min)
• Adjustable U-shape mount with over 180° of motion
• Adjustable PIR bracket (180° panning with 90°~-90° tilt)

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