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Dual Technology PIR / Microwave Detector

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$45.50 - $45.50
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This PIR sensor features quad element imaging technology, adjustable microwave and PIR sensitivity settings, pet immunity technology, bi-directional auto temperature compensation and a unique microwave motion sensor module with micro strip patch antenna.

Product features:
• Detection range up to 15m
• Wall mounted with built-in screwholes - no bracket required
• Adjustable microwave sensitivity (2x settings)
• Adjustable PIR sensitivity (2x settings)
• Adjustable pet immunity (15 or 25Kg)
• Alarm Output: N.C.
• Tamper switch: N.C.
• RFI Protection: 30V/m 10-100MHZ
• EMI/Protection: 50,000 of electrical
• Microwave Frequency: 10.525/24.125Ghz
• Dimensions: 115 x 62 x 35mm
* Brackets not included

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